License Manager 10.3.1: FlexNet Licensing error: -15, 10

06-08-2016 09:52 AM
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Hi Geonet Community,

Today I got to the office and tried to open ArcMap and I encounter the following error message.

The license manager is up and running, firewall is down, license is available, both machines are in the local network.

Any ideas or suggestions on how to work around this issue?

Thanks a lot

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From the

FNP-11130-LAG01 License Administration Guide (pg 222)

Error Codes table

-15 Cannot connect to license server system.

The server (lmadmin or lmgrd) has not been started yet, or the wrong port@host or license file is

being used, or the TCP/IP port or host name in the license file has been changed.

Windows XP SP2 platforms have a limit on the number of TCP/IP connection attempts per second

that can be made, which your application may have exceeded. Refer to the manufacturer’s

documentation on how to change this limit.

Personally I'd suspect a DNS issue in resolving the @PEGIS01 Host name.

Easily checked by running an nslookup and a ping from command window against the Hostname.

Are IPv6 addresses being returned where IPv4 are expected?

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We're getting this a lot lately, especially from offices with slower network connections. Setting the FLEX_TIMEOUT variable with the value  of 1000000 seems to solve our issues.  Below is a snippet from out help doc...

Hope that fixes it for you.

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Thank you you do this configuration in the cliente machine or in the machine where the license server manager is installed?

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This is done on each client machines.  This might be something your IT folks can automate, but we just have them do it manually on new installs....and so far, just when we have issues.

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We saw this originally when the right ports weren't correctly configured.  Once we configured correctly all was right in the universe.  No issues since.

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