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Alter Destination File Folders Location when Installing ArcGIS Pro for multiple machines (.msi)

12-01-2023 01:03 PM
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With the deployment of automatic syncing of the Documents folder to One Drive in our organization - we are attempting to alter the location the ArcGIS Pro installs the Destination File Folders. This is simple for a single user downloading an .exe - however our users are installing from a server through a Software Center. The users are not prompted to choose their own Destination File Folder location - it defaults to C://user/username/Documents (which is now OneDrive). We would like to have this install in the same location as QuickCapture, Survey123 File Folders C://user/%USERPROFILE%/ArcGIS/ - however we are not having success to get the Setting.config to accept the syntax %USERPROFILE% for silent installation. So what is the syntax to pull out the logged in user on the machine? It works if we plug in a specific username. 

Does anyone have experience with this and can offer a solution? Thanks!! 

We are working through a ticket with Esri support, but are not working with someone very familiar I think.

Is this the right section of the ArcGISPro.settingconfig file?

<CustomDefaultLocation isLocked="false">C:\users\%USERPROFILE%\arcgis\</CustomDefaultLocation>



Teresa Blader
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