Find missing point from two intersecting lines

09-16-2020 02:49 PM
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I need to find where my main and hydrant lateral intersect and check to see if a device (fitting or valve) is placed there.  My problem is sometimes the hydrant lateral has a fitting (elbow, cap, etc.) at the other side of the line.  The fitting and valve is in two different layers.

So when I do the below composite check I don't get all possible results, because the laterals that have a fitting on the other side of the it doesn't select them because it is seeing that as found object on the line.

Hydrant Lateral intersects Main

Hydrant Lateral does not intersect fitting

Can I specify???

Hydrant Lateral intersects main

Fitting doesn't intersect Lateral at Main OR valve doesn't intersect Lateral at Main

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Hi Lindsey,

We cannot achieve what you are looking for using one Data Reviewer check but you can use the following approach to resolve this issue.

1. Use Data Reviewer Feature on Feature Rule to find intersecting points for Lateral and Main. Make sure you only have errors from this check in your Reviewer workspace.

2. Use Export Data Reviewer Records to Shapefile tool from the MDRR python toolbox and create a point shapefile for intersection points of Lateral and Main.

3. Use this point shapefile and run Data Reviewer Composite check as follows :

   Intersection points not intersecting with fittings

   Intersection points not intersecting with valves

4. Output of this check is a set of points that intersect with laterals which has this problem you are looking for.

Hope this helps.



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