Error: Unable to start editing on batch run table

06-11-2013 12:40 PM
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I am using Data Reviewer 10.1 and I have created an RBJ file to perform checks against a wealth of versioned feature classes within our 10.1 Oracle geodatabase.  After the process finishes (or at least after it runs for quite a while) with the various checks that I have configured, I receive the attached error (see screenshot) which states "Unable to start editing on batch run table". 

Looking back at some outdated forum posts, I believe someone had encountered the same error and their solution was to register one or more tables as versioned.  That being said, all of my spatial data is already registered as versioned so I assume that the previous post may have been made with respect to the batch run table itself (REVBATCHRUNTABLE). 

So, my question is: does the REVBATCHRUNTABLE need to be deliberately registered as versioned before the table can be written to during a Data Reviewer session?   If not, then what could be causing this error to appear?
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It seems you are experiencing the same issue mentioned in the following bug logged in our internal system:

Bug 44804 - Batch Job error : Unable to start editing on BatchRun Table.

This bug is planned to get fixed in our next patch for ArcGIS Data Reviewer 10.1 for Desktop.

I also request you to please refer to the following web help link explaining about Storing the Reviewer workspace in an enterprise geodatabase:
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