Data Reviewer Returning Checks That Are Opposite to Reviewer Rules Specified

05-28-2021 12:47 PM
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Hello. I've been utilizing data reviewer to check for errors within our water assets and I have run into some issues with one of our reviewer checks. In the 1st, we have a feature on feature rule set up to check for assets with the following:

Curb Stop and/or Lateral Valve not connected to Water Lateral

For specifics, our rules are set up so that curb stops intersect water laterals, however, the relationship is inverted so that data reviewer will pick up assets that do not match this configuration. That being said, when I go to run the check, I am still getting curb stops/lateral valves that are connected to the lateral despite the inversion being present. I've tried tweaking the checks itself and rebuilding the reviewer rule but to no avail. Any assistance is appreciated. 


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