Working with Time in an Indicator Widget

10-31-2019 03:55 PM
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I have a date field in my dataset that stores the date and time a trash can was last emptied.  I would like two indicators on my dashboard.  One indicator would show the total number of cans emptied before 2 pm the previous day and a second indicator showing the total number of cans emptied after 2 pm the previous day.  I am easily able to get the total number of cans emptied the previous day.

Service date is yesterday

However, I cannot seem to be able to figure out a way of getting the specific time of day yesterday....  Is there any way of extracting the time from the date in the filter?  I have tried adding a second query for the time, but you cannot seem to do it without also specifying a specific date:

Entering time

I could add a field to the data to store whether the can was collected before or after 2 pm and run a script overnight to update it, but I would prefer to find a way of doing the work in the filter without having to hard code anything in the data.

Thank you!

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