Why when I execute the query widget will it not populate all selected features in feature details widget?

12-05-2014 07:47 PM
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I have the query widget in one panel where the user can select all the stores in a district. When a district is selected the query result will indicate that there are 300 stores in that district. But, in my Feature Details widget where I have it set to display the information on selected stores it says 1 of 215. If I hit the select button in the query widget panel again, the feature details will finally say 1 of 300. I'm not sure why not all of the selected stores appear in the feature detail widget? Any suggestions?


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Hi Josie,

I just ran a quick test based on your given info above but got no luck so far. Did you run into this problem in Windows Dashboard, or browser Dashboard, or both?

If possible, could you share your operation view so we can take a look? To do so, you can either share it publicly, or share it to a group in your organization, then invite the user tif.geonet to join the group. Please be sure all the view's referenced data (webmap and services) are shared as well.



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