Why is my summary widget in Operations Dashboard NOT providing the correct sum?

07-13-2015 06:00 PM
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Why does my summary widget in Operations Dashboard not providing me with the correct sum of my data.  I am trying to summarized the total centerline miles and lane miles in my data based on the entire network of streets and also from a queried result.  My data is calculating correct in ArcMap but not in Operations Dashboard.  Can someone tell me why or how I can fix it?



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Hi Mike,

Can you give a bit more details on this issue? So summary widget doesn't work in both cases (total centerline/lane miles from entire network, and from a queried result)? It's probably easier to trouble-shoot the issue with your data. Is it possible to share your view with me?


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Hi Jay,

I have found that when I run my statistics in any ArcGIS Online Web Map or Web App they all are being multiplied by 6. When I click on the data and view it in a pop up window or in a table format the data is correct. Only when I run the Statistics on it is when it does not show correctly. So when I run a query on my data using Operations Dashboard and have it return a summary of the queried results, everything is multiplied by 6. When I run statistics on the same feature layer and feature service in ArcMap my results are correct. Only in ArcGIS Online is it not working.


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