Vehicle Inspection 100% Stacked Bar Chart

11-01-2021 11:42 AM
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I am building an Ops Dashboard for vehicle inspections collected with Survey123. I am trying to get the vehicle inspection data to show up as a 100% stacked bar chart to show the total number of inspections collected and their condition, Good or Bad. The idea is to create a trend line via sum of good vs bad inspections per item inspected.


The dashboard works by selecting the vehicle/equipment and shows a list of all the inspections collected. The chart will show the number of good vs bad inspections for each inspection item, i.e. tires, oil, horn, back up alarm, etc.

Since the Survey123 single choice gid stores data for each item in a separate field, I have been trying to aggregate that into the chart but can't seem to get it right. I want each field to be a row in the chart on the Y axis and the count/sum of inspections to be the stacked bar chart green/red. The idea being if you see a trend of bad inspections for an item, i.e. oil level, then you would want to look into that more. Most of the time, the people performing the inspection don't remember to tell their supervisor or fleet manager that they have added oil 6 times in a row to a vehicle or no one bothers to analyze paper records. But if a dashboard can show a trend of all the inspections, then it will be useful.


Here is a link to my post in Survey123 for more details on the setup and what I've been doing to make this work.




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Hi Andy 

can you show a screenshot of how you capture that, how many fields you want to bring in the dashboard and the field types? if its only 2 fields (like inspection item and inspection result) you can use the ''split by field''




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It is a single choice grid from Survey123. Each inspection item is a separate field in the table. The split choice only works when there are 2 attribute fields you are using - 1 for item and 1 for condition.




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