Vector Basemap - poor performance in dashboard with multiple maps

11-28-2019 05:05 PM
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I'm having problems with performance when using the Vector Basemap "Community Map of Canada" in each of 5 maps that are used in a Dashboard - only one of the maps is configured to be used with the dashboard widgets and it is the only map that is visible when the dashboard opens.  The dashboard appears to load all 5 maps at once and this seems to cause my computer to grind away at 100% of cpu capacity trying to render all 5 maps.  

Esri support has commented that if a map has more than 8 tile layers, performance issues may be encountered.  The "Community Map of Canada" has 4 tile layers in it, which means that when I open my Dashboard, its trying to render 5 maps with a total of 20 tile layers all at once.

Is anyone else finding client side performance issues when using Vector basemaps?  Does anyone have any recommendations?  Is it possible to configure the Dashboard such that only the maps visible on the screen render?

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