UTC time is being changed to local time, which is not wanted.

09-04-2014 11:20 PM
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Hi Esri,

We are experiencing a problem with time stamps that we need help when working with the dashboard. The problem is that hours are being added to our UTC time depending on which time zone you are in. Not sure if this is dashboard or ArcGIS.com related.

We have a geoevent processor that inputs data via a feature service to our database.

An example can be seen below for the vessel DJURS WIND (MMSI = 219001771). The format looks like below and is stored in UTC time in a MSSQL DB

2014-09-05 05:43:06.0000000

When asking AGS server directly via the rest endpoint we get the same information as you can see below.


    • 219001771


    • 05-09-2014 05:43:06



When pulling the layer into Arcgis.com. The creationTime is stripped as you can see in AGS_online_DateTime.png September 5, 2014 is now shown.

When pulling the web map into an operation dashboard two hours are added to the UTC time, so it is actually showing the data in UTC + 2 (Local time), which is shown in DashBoard_DateTime.png.

We are operating across multiple time zones and this gives a lot of confusion. Is there a way to say that date and time fields can only shown in UTC?

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