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Using Spatial Filters

03-16-2021 04:39 PM
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by Anonymous User
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I've been running into issues for something that seems so simple.  I need to create a spatial filter using a polygon and point layer.  Select the poly, get the resulting points.  I do not want the user to have to click on the map (that does work).  



The poly layer I'm using is air quality, a live streaming service that changes hourly so a field relationship won't work here either. 

It seems that when using the selector or other elements, the filter does not create a true selection and the spatial filter will not work without a hard selection. 

I appreciate any help on this. 

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Esri Contributor

Hello, could you try this again? We mad an update that might have resolved your issue.


If you are still having an issue, could you let us know what type of layer you are using. Is it an ArcGIS Online Hosted layer?

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New Contributor

I am using an ArcGis Online Hosted Layer, but inverse... my 123 survey points updates and want to relate to grid polygons

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