Upload feature layers to ArcGIS Online cause attribute table to sort not order Question

05-25-2021 09:41 AM
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I just started working on my first Dashboard last week  and had two feature layers upload to ArcGIS Online and then add them to ArcGIS Dashboard...

What's funny is that one of the feature layer I add had the right sort of attribute table , but the second one I added had messed up attribute table when I select to sort it. It doesn't sort right..

Example,   I add the first detail from the Top right menu List and select DETAILS.

then hit the configure to set it up Sort by to set the first field column in the Attribute table.

How do I get the second feature layer to fix the issues ?


let me know if you need an additional info or clarify ?


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Neeeeeeeever mind !!!!!!!

I just discovered that the Configure pop-up was not order as it should be !

Fixed that issue !

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