Update indicators when using a feature category selector

07-01-2019 06:24 AM
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I am using category selectors in my dashboard and a few of them will be based on other features in the map.  For example I am filtering all points on the map that fall within a school district.  I have the selector configured properly to display the appropriate points on my map.  However, I am not seeing a way to update my indicators.  I have 3 indicators.  One displays a count of features and two others sum the values.  

Updating the indicators only seems to be a problem with a feature based selector.  I can add actions for defined value and grouped value selectors.  These two types of selectors work great.  The map displays the appropriate features and the indicators update accordingly.  Is it possible to configure an action on a feature category selector to update my indicators in the same way?

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If you set the Map Action to filter the Indicator and set the Category Selector to filter the Map. 

Then when the Map is only showing what you are trying to query then you indicator will reflect that. 

Hopefully that helps. If I'm not fully understanding the issue let me know. 


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