Update and Refresh Hosted feature for Operations Dashboard

08-30-2019 09:57 AM
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I am using Daily activity dashboard solution(web version), with my ArcGIS Portal,
I used the Append tool to create the hosted feature classes required by the solution template.
all my source data are coming from a live SQL data server views (( event data).

I would like to automate the update of a hosted feature layer by uploading new record from my
SQL DB view. .

the Solution page mentioned the record Import toolset. I had never tried them
A quick tour of Record Import Tools
Where is the download link?.

is this toolset is the right one for the task?

regarding this tools and for clarification, will this tool set replace the pre-existing data or append new data to it?

what is your recommendation to make the process smooth and handy for everyday refresh?

I do appreciate your help putting me on the right track.

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