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01-29-2021 01:05 AM
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I have a dashboard application using an ArcGIS Server web service as data source. The ArcGIS Server is a stand alone installation on my local windows server with web adaptor and the exposed web services are token protected.  

When my arcgis online operations dashboard starts, it correctly shows the authentication popup window asking for username and password to obtain the token from the ArcGIS Server token service.

It is possible to avoid the authentication popup passing a pre-generated token?

I don't want to register my ArcGIS Server web service as an ArcGIS online resource because I need the dashboard remains protected


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Hello, Do you have this working? We are also looking for options to avoid the authentication popup passing a pre-generated token

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Hi, no. 

it is not possible at the moment. Esri must make it possible to pass the token as a url parameter, for example, to make this possible. This is crucial in so many use cases in my opinion. Hope it will happen soon!

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