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Time Slider Widget in Operations Dashboard

04-18-2018 10:15 AM
New Contributor

Hi all,

I'm trying to embed a web map in an ArcGIS Operations Dashboard that has a time slider embedded in it. I want this to be visible as it is in the regular web map, but it isn't appearing. Is this possible, or is this not yet supported.

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Esri Esteemed Contributor

Hi Joachim,

The time slider feature in web maps is currently not supported in Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS. Can you please post an enhancement on the ArcGIS Ideas site?

Hope this helps,

New Contributor III

I would also like this. Added to Ideas: 

New Contributor II

I need a time slider in my dashboard too. 

New Contributor III

Likewise we need this also

New Contributor

This still not supported?

New Contributor

Any progress on this topic?

New Contributor III

This feature would be incredibly useful

New Contributor

Hi, I guess it's still not supported. But i ran into this issue recently, and a workaround is including the web map in the dashboards as an embbeded element. Or you can create a time slider instant app, and embbed it on the dashboard too. However, it obviusly won't interact with the other elements of the dashboard 😞