Support for related tables in Operations Dashboard?

07-02-2013 02:16 AM
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I am trying to use the Operations Dashboard to display data for features that have information stored in related tables.  For example, a building has a table of areas by space type.  I have published the related tables through a web map, but the Operations Dashboard does not seem to be able to see them.  Does Operations Dashboard have support for related tables?

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Stu Rich
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This would be useful
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Did you post the idea on ?

- Sune
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I agree.  This functionality would be very helpful.  I would like to see not only a table view but the ability to use related tables within Widgets to display data and run queries.
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This is great feedback. We are looking to add this capability into a future release but we need your help in detailing the need.

Some thoughts on level of support for tables:
1. Add as an external data source where I can browse for an item or directly to the REST endpoint of a non-spatial table. Of course in say a list widget you would not see a legend swatch for each row as there is nothing we can draw.
2. Similar to 1 we could add the ability for you to navigate through the collection of feature services within a web map to each of the tables and set a table as a data source.

The challenge comes with 1:M relationships. If you can provide us with details on your need, that would be extremely helpful. You can either post directly to this forum thread or email


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Yes, the ability to use related tables in dashboard views is very important.  We are highly interested in this functionality.  How we would use related tables if we could?

A spatial feature on a map is related to a non-spatial table. User clicks on the related table icon in a list of features or the feature detail or the feature pop-up and they see the table.

1. Table contains date, short description of, and hyperlinks to documents, photos, etc.  Many documents/photos are related to this one feature.  User selects a record in the table and the document/photo opens on their computer.

2. Table contains monitoring data over the past 10 years. Several elements are monitored for each spatial feature.  User clicks on one of the monitored elements in the table and is prompted to enter a time range.  A graph of monitoring results for the element over selected time frame pops-up.  User can export the graph as a jpg.
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The July update added support for showing related records in a pop-up (link below), showing summary statistics for one-to-many relationships and the related records for one-to-one relationships. I just tested with both a feature service and a map service from ArcGIS for Server 10.2 and it appears that while my related records show in the pop-up inside the ArcGIS online Viewer, they do not display in the pop-up inside the Operations Dashboard. All of the related records are listed as null, even if there are related records.

Has anyone else tested this? If there is a way to show the related records in the Dashboard it would be useful.

Configure pop-ups—Help | ArcGIS

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The Apps team is working to add related table support inside of the Collector, Operations Dashboard and Explorer apps. Where appropriate we will include editing support as well (which is not yet available). Look for these capabilities to be added to the rest of the platform through the course of our 10.3 release. Also we will blog and announce when these capabilities are added.

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Is there any update to supporting related tables in Operation dashboard?

I want to be able to create a bar chart of total (text) features in the related 1-M table.

Also, I'd like users to be able to view the feature of the related table somehow.

Is it going to happen anytime soon?

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Rachel, ESRI is saying that they will roll this out in 10.3 at the and of thIs year. Yes, we are waiting.


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