stream services (websockets) supported?

02-04-2015 01:45 AM
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Hi, lots of presentations (at the UC, online, ...) like these from Adam Mollenkopf or Art Haddad about Geoevent Processor mention Operations Dashboard as a well suited client application for displaying realtime data.

However, it seems like stream services (websockets) are not supported? True? If so: when would GEP stream services be supported in the Operations Dashboard application?


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Any update on this?

RJ Sunderman

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Thank you Sabri for the bump ...

No, at the current product release (10.3 / 10.3.1), Stream Services are only supported for web maps and custom JavaScript applications developed using the JavaScript API.

The ArcGIS Native SDKs (e.g. 'Runtime' SDKs), ArcObject SDKs, and related products (e.g. Desktop, Pro) do not yet have support for Stream Services. Therefore Esri's suite of mobile applications (e.g. Collector, Operations Dashboard) which are dependent on these SDKs do not yet support Stream Services.

Support for Stream Services is a priority for the different product teams throughout in the ArcGIS enterprise, but until support is built into the underlying SDKs the various product teams will not be able to support Stream Services in their products. I cannot say to what extent Stream Services will be supported in the 10.4 release as the development and release schedule for 10.4 is still being determined. We will likely have more information for you at the International User Conference in July.

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Thanks a lot RJ for your feedback,

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Hi RJ,

does it mean that ist currently not possible to consume stream Services in oeprations Dashboard even if I have integrated them in AGOL as a Feature layer?

Could it be that AGOL web maps do not support stream Services as well? I am able to integrate them as fetaure layer but I am not able to get the Streaming started...

Thanks and Kind regards