Sorting Fields in a Serial Chart

05-11-2021 08:01 AM
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Is there a way to sort a dashboard's series chart that contains categories from fields?

I have a Survey123 form with a multi select field called Hazards.  I then created an attribute in the database for each selection.  Within the Survey123 form, I hid those attribute fields and created calculations to populate them with a 1 or 0, based on the Hazard being included in the Hazards selection.  I then created a dashboard to show those individual attribute fields and the number of times they were included in the multi-select Hazards.  I'd now like to be able to sort them by record count (highest to lowest) and alphabetically, but don't see any sort option in the chart's configuration.  I'm assuming there isn't one, and the sorting is just based on what order you add the fields?





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