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Single Sign on in Operation Dashboard

09-28-2017 02:44 AM
New Contributor
I need to allow the user to open the dashboard from our website, 
I am using https://..apps/dashboard/index.html#/<operation view id> 
It opens this operation dashboard, but it asks for username and password, So my question is , Can I by pass the user name and password int the URL, to make it single sign on.
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Hi Ammar,

Even if the operation view is shared publicly, the data will also need to be shared to Everyone as well. 

You can enable public access by clicking Update Sharing (from the Share tab in Operations Dashboard desktop) or you can manually update the sharing capabilities from each item in the org's content page. 

Keep in mind, if you are not the owner of an item, you cannot change it's sharing capabilities.

I hope this helps!



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Thanks Chris,

But the client need to make the operation dashboard secured, It has some private data, so what happened now, The user opens the operational dashbaord but it asking for user name and password, and the user already add them on our HUB site, so we need to make single sign on, So my question is if we can add the user name and password to the URL to bypass the username and password,

Ammar Assem