Relate Layers in an widget

04-25-2019 06:09 AM
New Contributor

Is it possible to relate the layers you are using in ops dashboard, so that widget can pull fields from multiple layers? I want the ability to use a field from layer1 as the x-axis on a serial chart and a field from layer2 as the the y-axis ?

I have two layers, one with line features that has a location field that uses a numbers code (i.e 1900 = LA), then I have a polygon layer with those areas, this layer has the number codes but also has the actual name of the area. I want to relate the layers so that I can have LA, NY, etc on the x-axis from my polygon layer, but the number of line features as the x-axis. I don't want to use the location column from the line layer because, viewers won't know what these code numbers mean ... 

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