Reference Dashboard Selector Value in an Arcade Expression?

05-19-2021 09:28 AM
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I'm trying to figure out if it is possible to reference the value of a selector widget in ArcGIS Dashboards with an Arcade Expression for a List.

Here is a use case: Use the Selector Slider Widget to select a monetary value.  The Arcade Expression within the List takes the feature's shape length and multiplies it by the user defined monetary value via the Slider Widget and displays that calculated value.

I've only found one example that has this type of user interaction but it uses a webscene:

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Hi MattUser,

did you find a solution to this request ?

I have a similar problem: calculate some daily totals based on a selector value.




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Hi @GianniCampanile2 I was not able to find a solution.  I did speak with a member of the Arcade and Dashboard development team last year and at that time they took my information and user story to document for future enhancements.  At that time, this type of functionality was not in their development plan.

From my experience, the Arcade Expression fields have limited usability for solutions as a restriction from Esri to prevent issues with performance.  For example, you can use an Arcade Expression field for labeling but you can't use it to symbolize off of in a webmap.  Same goes for using those Arcade Expression fields in dashboards like this use case.

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