Real Time Photos and Locations

01-22-2015 09:28 AM
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Working on developing something that will allow us to take real time photos with Geotags and post them into a GIS application.  Some basic ideas and concepts but nothing solid yet.  On school of thought on this project is that somehow they would like to take the photos in the field and in real time post them to the project.  Several restrictions include keeping it private for just the client, we only have a Basic license.  We do have a GPS Camera we use and it geotags the photos.  Connecting the dots is the challenge as it were

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You might find the Collector app useful for this..  It uses the smartphone camera, but pretty straight forward to create data points based on GPS location.

Video showing how to setup a hosted feature service for use in Collector and Operations Dashboard fo...

Using geotagged photos from a camera, it wouldn't be exactly real time, but you can create a feature class out of them using GeoTagged Photos to Points - geoproccessing tool found in ArcCatalog.


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