Questions about setting up a fire operations dashboard for the first time

03-25-2019 09:04 AM
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Hello All,

I'm trying to set up the fire operations dashboard using these instructions and am running into a few problems:

There are several steps in Arc Pro where it asks what the input layer or table, and input / target datasets. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to be using the ones that came with the deployment or provide my own, or which ones go where.

Sorry for any confusion, I'm quite new to the product. Thanks in advance.

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When you deploy the solution through ArcGIS Pro to your organizational account it creates the web map, operations dashboard app configuration and two web layers called "Fire Incidents" & "Stations" = which represents fire service areas.

You will have to add & edit the data through ArcGIS Pro, Collector, or the Web Map if you have the layers editable. If you have a CAD system I would look at seeing if you can integrate that feed into your fire incident dashboard so the data is dynamic and updates automatically.

Hope that answers your question.

-Eric Shreve