Promotion of Operations Dashboard to different Servers

07-08-2019 09:51 PM
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Our corporation has three servers, Dev, Tst and Prod. We have created few Operations Dashboards in Dev server and wish to promote to Tst for testing and later to Prod. We also have some works (Dashboards and Story Maps) done by consultants currently saved in their server which we would like to move them back to our server. 

We are wondering how to copy a dashboard from server to server? AGO assistant doesn's allowed copy of dashboard (correct me if I was wrong). Does anyone has any idea how we can achieve this?

We are using ArcGIS Portal 10.6.1

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Hello Kim,

The Dashboard team doesn't maintain or promote the cloning method I am about to share, but we do know that people have used it successfully to clone a dashboard from one environment to another.

I would take a look at these pages to learn how to do this using the Esri Python API. All you would need to do is pass in the dashboard item id and the cloning function should take care of the rest. It will attempt to re-create any webmaps and layers that exist in the dashboard as hosted items in the target environment.

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Hi John,

Thanks for your reply. I am not familiar with Esri Python API but will give it a try. 


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Hello John,

I hope that after 1 year and half someone had made a tool to backup a dashboard from a portal to another portal, because it's not always possible to clone directly connecting to more envinronment simultaneously, but could'be usefull make this operation for example creating a package from source envinronment and then import this package on the target envinronment.

Do you know of a solution like this today?

thank you


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