Option to follow feature not avaialable on last known location list.

12-16-2020 12:56 PM
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Hey guys,

Just hoping someone can answer this for me. I've got a dashboard with some Last Known Location layers. In the past I've been able to configure actions to "Follow Feature" in a list of LKL's, but this new Dashboard I've created does not have that option available in the list. Just wondering if anyone knows why or how to configure the layer to allow follow. 


Annotation 2020-12-16 134217.jpg

(Above)No Follow Feature option (New list of LKL's in new Dashbaord)

(Below)Has Follow Feature option (Old list in old dashboard)



Thanks in advance!

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Hi Matt, 

Is there a way to share a sample Last Known Location layer so we can take a look? Which version of Dashboards you have encountered this problem with? 



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