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02-08-2018 06:20 AM
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Has anyone figured out if there is a way to refresh table data using the new web Ops Dashboard?  It appears that setting the refresh in the dashboard itself has been taken away but web maps don't have the capability (that i'm aware of) to refresh tables.  Because i am unable to set a refresh in a web map on a table I am therefore unable to have a refresh on the table data in Ops Dashboard.  

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Currently there is no user experience in the Webmap viewer to add a dedicated refresh interval to a table. This is something we are looking into with the ArcGIS Online team. For now, once you have published your webmap, you can use AGO Assistant to manually add the "refreshInterval" property to the table in the webmap json. Note: currently the webmap viewer will not persist this property, so if you make changes to the map, you might have to re-add this property.

Dashboard should pick up this property and refresh accordingly.

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How about this scenario. We are running Portal 10.6, I create a map document, publish the map services to AGS and therefore Portal. At this point no map has been created. I can still add the data item to the dashboard but have no refreshes configured as its not a web map. If the Ops dashboard had a refresh option it would take the step out of having to now create a webmap and set the refresh intervals. It would be a nice option to have, either refresh all data on an interval or respect map service intervals.

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Perfect. That's what I needed. Thank you.

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Hi Aaron,

I can see that this is now implemented in ArcGIS Online and I can set up a refresh interval on the table itself too which is honored in the JSON.

My problem is that this doesn't seem to be reflected in Dashboard. My layers update every 30 seconds and I can see it when the web map is open, but have no effect on the web dashboard at all. Only the map item added to my dashboard refreshes.I've tested it in Chrome, Edge and IE. What else do I need to update/set up for the charts/etc. to work based on the table from my web map?

Ignore the above. It seems that the table comes up twice in the dashboard item configuration window. Once under part of the 'Layers from XYZ map' (although with a slightly different name for some reason) and another time under 'Other layers' that caused my confusion. If I select the table under the 'Layers from XYZ map' the dashboard items refresh automatically. Apologies!


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Has there been any update to adding this functionality for a table to the user experience since this 2018 post?  I cannot get the JSON editor to accept this edit for a table that I have.  Error displays Expected ',' instead of '"'

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Looking for this functionality right now too, using an embedded survey for supervisors to approve work that's been done, and I'd like the fact they approved it to show up in the table when they submit the survey.