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02-21-2018 10:35 AM
by Anonymous User
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Hi, is it planned to add the custom widget ceation capability to the new operations dashboard?.


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Hi Javier,

There are no plans to enable custom elements within the web-browser based Operations Dashboard at this time. If you have business needs, please send me an email: dlaw@esri.com with your specific requirements.

Hope this helps,

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Hi Derek, In my company we need to export a report from the operation dashboard, we built it on the web-browser based, and I thought in the custom widgets, but now I found that it is not possible, so, how would I can to export a PDF report from the new Operation Dashboard?

Can you help me, please.


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Hi Mauricio,

> how would I can to export a PDF report from the new Operation Dashboard

Unfortunately, this functionality is not available in Operations Dashboard. Would embedding a link to the dashboard app in your PDF address your requirement? So when someone opens the PDF doc, they could click the link and the dashboard would display in a web browser?

FYI, you can vote for this enhancement in the ArcGIS Ideas site,

Add reporting and ability to export to CSV 


Hope this helps,

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No linking to a dashboard does not work.  Why?  Because the data may have changed! 

I know in this day and age it can be hard to get printing stuff out (I hate paper) but it serves as a snapshot in time.  Every government org needs this is some way to document a decision that was made.  So say 5 years ago based on the data we made decision X.  If we open that dashboard in 5 years we would see new data that may show a completely diff story (if the dash or data even exists anymore).  Often this comes up in court cases.  If you had to defend it in court wouldn't you want a copy of what you were seeing at the time?

Reports are an issue across all Esri products.  I spend so much time coming up with hacks to just make a simple report for people.  They cannot understand why it is so difficult.  Govt is a huge part of Esri business so I am always shocked their concerns are not addressed.  Some real world users need to be added to the Esri development teams to give them some context.  They seem to have lost touch with the day to day world.  Consider Survey123.  Excellent product overall but users cannot understand how a Forms program cannot print.