Operations Dashboard and the Chat Widget do not convey map annotations.

11-26-2015 10:31 AM
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I have configure OpsDashboard and the Chat Widget to work with XMPP protocol hosted on Slack (ESRI-CA).

It works fine for simple text messages, but map annotations (extent, red-lines, etc.) do not appear on the other participant.

I can see a link on my message on my side, but it does not appear to the other user:

This is what I see:

Sent a map extent: Go to map extent

this is what the other participant sees:

Sent a map extent

Is there a known issue with Slack?

Is there another service for XMPP that works with OpsDashboard?

Is OpsDashboard and its Chat Widget faulty?

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The chat widget should be working properly.  As with all widgets, it went through testing last week when we released 10.3.2.  I can tell you that I personally tested it and everything was working as designed.

That being said, I have not tested with Slack specifically.  I can test this out and let you know what I find.



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Hi Christopher,

Can you let us know what xmpp platform did you use for developing and testing?

Can George Kouroupis and I (Horia Tudosie) have logins (Url, User names and passwords) on that platform?

As for your testing, if interested, Slack/ESRI-CA are open for using XMPP. Just go to https://esri-ca.slack.com/account/gateways to get your credentials.

(Adam Marinelli may let you know how can you become a member of Slack/ESRI-CA.)

The application we use for tests (and demos) is published in arcgis.com: http://exchange.maps.arcgis.com/home/content.html# in GFX Feedback Community: “Operation View – Feedback Chat.”

Let me know if you want to chat together with me on it.

Thank you,

Horia Tudosie | Lead Developer

Esri Canada | 900-12 Concorde Pl | Toronto ON M3C 3R8

T 647-943-1841 | esri.ca<http://esri.ca/>

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Horia and I worked together on this.  It looks like even though Slack has XMPP capabilities, these are limited to only using chat in Operations Dashboard.  Through our chat widget, you have the ability to send map notes and extent updates, which are not supported through Slack.

Typically, when we test Operations Dashboard, we use Open Fire- which supports all of the functionality.  This simple chat server works great for these kinds of operations and easy to demo.


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This is the replay from Slack:


Brad Slavin (Slack)

Nov 30, 4:14 PM


Thank you for your patience while we looked into your questions.

I've confirmed with our XMPP experts that we do suppress most of the content inside message attachments. The only parameter that will be passed through is the fallback text parameter.

If it's possible to build your own custom connection, we recommend using our other APIs to handle the communication between Slack and ESRI. You can find more information about our API tools here: https://api.slack.com/getting-started.

Thanks again for your patience, and please let me know if you have any questions.