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One to Many Relationship Data in Portal Dashboard/WAB Environment Help Needed

02-22-2021 02:44 PM
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I’m turning over rocks seeking help/muse to advance a project I’m working on below. I’ve been scouring GeoNet and Google but having difficulty finding definitive answers on what exactly we can and can’t do with Relationship tables in the Portal Environment. 


I’m working on creating a basic inventory management solution (don’t get hung up on the inventory part). I got everything from a technical stand point working but I’m struggling with figuring out what’s possible with relationship tables.


  1. We have a live “job layer” with new features being created from our company datahub that talks to our enterprise GDB.
    1. This feature layer then has 2 separate one-to-many relationship tables – “Materials Management Table” and “Material Order Table”
  1.       The Material Management table is being auto-populated from scripts that take the values from one of two different feature layers depending factors (“Estimate Layer” or “Sold Layer”) and summarizes the values of hundreds of different features involved with that job into a single row of data in “Material Management Table”
  2.       This Material Management table allows the user to click on any job and get a consolidated summary of all the materials that job is going to require.  – This is a big deal
  •       The “Material Oder Table” is setup to allow the user to edit and add new table rows indicating what materials have been ordered for the specific job its related to.


  1. Everything above to this point has been built and works
    1. Next Steps – This is where I need some help and musing
  1.       Everything works but the workflow a Non-GIS user would need to go through SUCKS. Its raw, ugly, and very hard to visualize the data.
  2.       Web Maps in Portal, WAB, and Operations Dashboard seem to be limited to what you can do with features and their related tables. I’m hoping this is where someone might know something I don’t.
        1. Currently I’m working through formatting an arcade script to make the pop-up of the feature bring in the related data – Like done in this link -
        2. I did state “Limited” not nothing at all. So I do have some related table widgets/indicators/list that work but it’s not pretty.


  1. I realize ESRI is not intended to be used as a turn-key inventory management solution
    1. What we’re trying to do here is pretty basic when it comes to inventory management
  1.       How much material does the job need
  2.       What’s been ordered
  •       Where does the ordered material need to travel to and where is the material that’s already been delivered.
    1. Also as stated in the first sentence of this post -  this work flow is one that you can take the inventory part out of. I still need to get it figured out and make it sexy for the user.
  1.       There are several workflows that follow the same logic of working with features and relationship tables that we would like to start on that have nothing to do with inventory management.



Let me know if you have any thoughts or resources you could send my way that would be relevant.

  • I'm currently running Enterprise Version 10.8.0  - Planning to update to 10.8.1 shortly
  • Would love to see some examples of dashboards and/or web-apps that make use of feature layers with related tables. 
  • What's the latest news on being able to filter and/or symbolize features based on related table attributes
  • Workflow examples/solutions to get non-GIS people using GIS tools to work with Feature layers and their related tables that's simple and few as few clicks as possible.


Thanks so much


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