Null Categories in Operations Dashboard Graphs/Charts

03-28-2019 01:25 PM
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Is there a way to remove null value categories from graphs and pie charts on Operations Dashboard? I have no null values, but am not having any luck removing the null category from the graph even though it has no value. I did not have this issue until I replaced my current fields with domains. The domains do allow null values, but there are no null values in the fields I am graphing.



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I figured out that the null categories were showing up because a user had submitited a project through Survey 1,2,3 with null values. It would still be nice to be able to turn null categories on or off just like regular value categories.

It is also odd that null categories showed up on the graphs in Operations Dashboard when this project was submitted with null values through Survey 1,2,3 because all projects submitted through the created survey are tagged with a hidden value "unverified" and filtered from the webmap until the projects are verified in a second survey and submitted.

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