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12-13-2017 03:47 PM
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I'm trying to build my first dashboard. When I add a category selector I get "no data" and nothing appears in the selector, but when I click show data table it shows all of my data. The same thing happens when I add other widgets. The map widget appears to be working fine. Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong?NoDataShowPreview

Thank you!


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Hi Sonya,

Could you try removing the sort by to see if that makes any difference?

Does your data have any joins by chance?

Many of the other widgets including the category selector using Grouped Values, submit a statistical query to the service. The data table does not send a statistical query (which is likely why it works). Could you open the chrome developer tools, navigate to the network tab, type in "query" to filter network requests, could you then open the configuration for the selector? You should see at least query that should be specify "outStatistics" in the query. Can you see what the output of that query is?

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Hi Aaron... I'm finding similar issue with an Indicator widget that should show sum of hectares for a subset of a data layer based on the selection of a serial chart.  Sometimes the sum displays, other times I get "no data".  I tried removing the sort - but get the same problem.

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Has anyone found a solution to this? We are having the same problem. I have recreated the Feature Layer, started from scratch, republished services, etc. I'm out of ideas at this point.

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This started happening to us today. A dashboard for soil erosion permits for our Water Resources department had been working fine, but now viewer users are getting the "No Data" in all the widgets. I haven't republished anything like Tara above but I've checked to make sure all the services were running and permissions were set. Nothing has changed so we're pretty stumped.

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Our only solution so far has been to rebuild the dashboard... FAR from ideal.

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if this is helpful to anyone, I was having this same problem today.  I am using a query layer and found this thread helpful to solve my problem (dynamically creating an objectid integer field as the unique id field in the query) 

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I encountered the same issues, and it turns out to the be the query layer being used from ArcGIS Pro. I was able to locate a great blog that provides a reason for what we are seeing but a solution.

Thanks, All!


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