Need to plan to work on Aerial Photos using Dashboard on my Forest ?

03-24-2021 04:02 PM
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Hello, I am posting a question here about Dashboard.

I have a meeting with my supervisor Wednesday, March 31. It is about using the Aerial Photos on our dashboard.

I use Agisoft Metashape Professional to do co-register on our not reference 1930’s photos and I have over 6,000 of them. The shapefiles are separate for 1930’s ,1940’s … etc.…

I have completed over 200 of them a last few year and will do continue. I must do in small areas due to file size issues to upload or copy and paste to other devices.

I do know that probably Dashboard won’t be able to use the co-registered photos BUT I will be using the shapefiles to show the completed and not completed for each photos.

Does anyone out there have similar like this that would be willing to share with me. The reason I am asking anyone is because I want to take a look and give me an idea of what to plan or prepare on my side.

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