My OpsDash is insanely slow! Any performance tips?

05-22-2019 08:14 AM
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Good Morning,

I have created an operations dashboard but it takes FOREVER to load. Aside from any network issues that might be affecting performance, I was wondering if the way I have put the dashboard together may be the culprit. Here are my thoughts and I wanted to put out there for your input/feedback.

The main map that feeds the dashboard is a web map that gets its content from a MapServer REST service  ( which connects to a table on a sql server). There are 5 layers in this Map Service. Is keeping these layers in the one Map Service best practice? Or would it be better to have a Map Service for each layer?

When publishing, since I am selecting a registered database as my content source, there is the option to create both a map service and a feature service. Is there any performance benefit for Feature Service over Map Service? And if so, would a feature service with 5 layers suffice? Or should it be a feature service for each layer?

I appreciate any and all feedback.

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