Multiple choice question to Dashborad serial chart

11-25-2019 01:13 PM
New Contributor

I'm currently in the Do-It-Yourself GeoApps class.  Lesson 3 has us create a survey using Survey123 online.  Several of us have come across the same issue with the response to multiple choice questions.  Using the online survey builder, all responses are listed as comma separated values within a single field for each respondent.  What we want to do is separate the responses into different fields and create a serial chart based on those fields. 

While looking for something else, I found the video tutorials for Survey123 Connect, and have successfully parsed the multiple choice responses into separate fields in my .xlsform using the "hidden" option (see Surveychart.jpg).  Now, I want to create a serial chart on my dashboard showing the results from these "hidden" questions similar to the one I created in Excel (see Surveyresultschart.jpg).  Is there a way to do this? 

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