Multiple Category Selector Widgets In One DB?

04-23-2020 04:20 PM
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I'm trying to allow the end user to apply a spatial category selector widget (polygon layer source) and a field value category selector widget (point layer source) to one map and have the Total Indicator and Serial Chart widgets update according to what's showing on the map. However, they are not. I have managed to connect the map to the Category Selector widgets, so that when I check one of the polygons it will reduce the displayed point features to only those that are within the boundary of that polygon. That's great. Excellent. Just what I wanted. But, the other widgets don't respond the same way. They respond to ONE Category Selector widget only, the point feature layer. Both widgets are wired to the point feature layer, so it makes sense that they would only respond to the one layer. However, since I need it to respond to both selector widgets, is there a way to wire it up so that it will allow both selector widgets to function?

This is before either category selector filtering has been applied:

This is after the point layer has been filtered, which is the layer that the Total Indicator and Serial Chart widgets are connected to:

This is after the polygon layer filter has been applied, showing it works on the map, spatially, but doesn't carry over to the Total Indicator or Serial Chart widgets:

Thanks in advance to anyone that helps!

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