Map in dashboard not applying filter in web map?

11-20-2019 09:05 AM
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Hi, I've developed a dashboard for mobile device, based on surveys captured via Survey123.  I've set up the Webmap for the dashboard so that a filter is applied to surveys recorded within the last seven days (applied to a date/time field within my survey).

Within the dashboard I have the map linked to a list of surveys, with the 'map action' configured such that the list updates whenever the map extent changes.

The problem I've noticed is that sometimes the map displays surveys, but the list shows 'No Data'.  On closer examination the surveys being displayed appear to be within the last 7 days, (although if taking a 7 days as in 7x24x60 minutes, then perhaps some of the surveys should not really be shown).  So it would appear the list is applying the webmap filter correctly, but the map within the dashboard is not.

Is this is a known issue?

Or is there some other means of ensuring continuity between the webmap, the map in the dashboard and the list in the dashboard?

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