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05-23-2017 09:03 AM
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I am trying to create an Operations Dashboard using data from an AGOL webmap I created. I am showing real time updates of asset positions with Heading and on the Webmap I have an arrow icon which rotates with the heading. When I push this information over to OD I have the same Icons but no way to adjust for heading. All arrows point north and I need to correct this. Any idea how to make that happen?

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James Dickens‌,

A couple of questions:

  1. Is your asset feed service a Feature Service or a Web Service?
  2. If Feature Service, did you configure the symbology and rotation via the Web Map interface or are you relying on the service you created within Desktop and Server to do the rotation?
  3. How did you add the service to the Web Map?  Did you add it "Add - Search for Layers" or "Add - Add Layer from Web" and paste the REST endpoint?

I have had different results for many elements (like pop-ups and labeling) with number 3 above, but not for ROTATION.  It works for me.

It sounds like the positions are updating, but no rotation.  Correct?

Try adding the layer with the "Add Layer From Web" if you haven't done that already.  Let  me know what  you get.


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Thanks for responding. 

The feed is showing as a FeatureServer layer? It's an Iridium feed being fed into our service provider that I can pull in to a web map. I'm still a bit new at this so not sure if that answers your question or not. 

I am doing everything via AGOL and maybe that is limiting what I can do to a point, not sure. I like your multiple icons by status by the way. I need to learn how to do that. 

I added the layer by searching for it. It is part of our current list of layers being provided to us for our Aircraft Positions. So it resides on their server. 

Ok so here is the odd part of this which I discovered with some help after I posted the first message. I can take the file that was created when I used the Desktop Ops Dashboard and use the Create Dashboard (Beta) button from the information page I get exactly what I need and the icons again rotate with Heading. 

It creates another file which opens to the web dashboard. A bit hard to see but the icons are rotated correctly. 

So at this point, I think I have solved my issue however it appears that if I want more configuration options I need to look into getting ArcGIS Desktop and start from there?

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Hi Again James,

I don't know if I am going to be helping at this point, but let's see what we can do.

The example that I showed you is from vehicles on our radio network.  One of my servers is polling each radio in each vehicle.  The packets containing location information (along with velocity and time data) then get sent to our GeoEvent‌ Server installation.  In GeoEvent, I send each packet through a process that generates bearing and the categories that you saw (if speed = 0 then GPS_Status = "Stopped").  GeoEvent then writes this to a Feature Class in my enterprise geodatabase.  I then create a Web Service from that Feature Class that I place in my Web Map.  The Web Map then goes into the Operations Dashboard.

I created the GPS_Status field originally to just display if the GPS receiver was delivering an accurate location.  I did not like the fact that I got an arrow pointing North when a vehicle stopped, so I added the "Moving" and "Stopped" categories.

So, I have the option to craft my service - you don't at this moment.

Staying with the categories topic, you can add categories by symbolizing on a field at the Web Map level.  That is, if you have the information that you want to symbolize on in a field of the Feature Service.  For example:

Symbol Style from Attribute - start

When the Option button is clicked, you would see the options in my first reply to you.  The symbology options can be edited there.

BUT - take it one step further. 

Make a copy of your Feature Service in the Web Map. 


In that copy, look for the Filter button...


when you click, you get the filter options that allow multiple and/or statements.  In my case, I have incoming AVL packets that have not been configured properly, which happens when a brand new radio with a brand new IP address gets fielded.  If my "Label" field is empty, I need to know so I can fix the issue.  I can use the same feed and a filter to accomplish that.  I just use that Feature Service copy with a filter of "Label is blank" and symbolize with the same symbols - but they are yellow instead of white:

Yellow Symbols

I would then go back to the original service and filter it "Label is not blank" so that we don't have both copies showing a symbol for one feature.

If you have an "emergency status" field, you could use this type of copy and filter too.  Don't filter out of the original copy, just make a highly visible transparent symbol to appear over the original symbol when emergency is declared....

The reason I brought up the "Add a service" versus "Add layer from Web" is because I have had different odd behaviors from the Add Service/search method.  If you go to the service description, it should display the REST endpoint link that you can manually add to the Web Map through the "Add layer from Web" method.

Next topic: Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS.  When you say that you use "Operations Dashboard" (NOT Beta), I am assuming that you are using the downloadable version to view the map?  If so, you may want to also try the web-app version.  Go to the Operations Dashboard item in your AGOL and click the little arrow next to the "Open" link and select the one that says (Browser). 


It isn't the same nice environment, but it may isolate the problem to the Windows application.

Be aware that the other version of the OD is the Beta version - the eventual replacement for the current OD.  It is not complete yet.  You will not have certain options that you now have until it is complete.

If this doesn't get you to where you want to be, we should talk on the phone.  Just ArcGIS Desktop is not going to be enough.  Drop me your number in a PM and we can talk.


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I get the gist of a lot of what you are saying. We run into a similar problem with tracking transceivers when one is changed or a new one is added to the system. It's going to take me a while to digest this and I will need to talk to my provider on this as well because they are more on the technical side. 

I appreciate you posting this as it will help quite a bit. I will surely get back in touch with you if I can't figure it out!

Thanks again for your time on this and the help you have provided!

Have a Great Holiday Weekend.


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