Legend items not showing in Ops Dashboard

05-25-2014 12:47 PM
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Hi all

I have an operations dashboard view set up using a webmap hosted on AGOL, I have lots of data from three secure feature services included which we have hosted on a 10.2 server.

When I add a legend widget, only 3 layers show on the legend. While the data is loading all of the layers show and then slowly drop off. There is data from two of the feature services showing.

I have looked at the webmap legend both on AGOL and on the ESRI mobile app and the legend shows as it should.

Has anyone else come across this problem??


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Can you add me to your group and I can take a look at the services?  My org account is 'theoldjam'.
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I'm seeing this with a dashboard that I just authored. It has two map services from ArcGIS for Server and a feature service from ArcGIS for Server. The web map legend shows both the map service items and nothing from the feature services. The Operations Dashboard legend widget only shows the first (lowest) map service layer. If I hide the legend item for the first layer, no legend items show up in the dashboard.

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Do the layers have scale dependencies so that they only draw in certain scale ranges? I just noticed that the layers missing from my legend are the ones that do not draw at smaller scales. I wonder if the legend is created when the Operations Dashboard loads and not updated when the zoom level changes.

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