Latest update to ArcGIS Dashboards - lists and selectors are not correctly filtering the pop-ups on map layers

04-27-2021 08:35 AM
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Since the latest update to Dashboards, I have noticed that lists and category selectors no longer successfully filter the pop-ups of map layers. 

For example, I have a map with a polygon layer - polygons have an attribute of survey 1, 2 or 3. Some of the polygons are overlapping. I want to create a list that allows the user to filter the polygons by survey. When I do this be setting a filter action from the source list to the polygon layer on the map, the polygons themselves filter successfully - ie if I click Survey 1, I only see Survey 1 polygons on the map. However, I still see pop-ups from the other surveys. If two polygons from survey 1 and 2 were overlapping, I only see the survey 1 polygon upon making the selection in the list, yet there are two stacked pop-ups (one for each survey).

This did not use to happen prior to the latest update to Dashboards. 


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@HeatherCox_StoneEnv  Any updates? I am having the same issue, and support created a bug, bug number is BUG-000139152. If you are reaching out to them, feel free to refer to this bug, but I haven't heard any update since created on April 19th.

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I also reported the issue to Esri and they logged the bug (BUG-000139536). When I followed up with them a few days ago they said another known bug similar to this had been escalated and its current status is set to "In product plan". 

  • BUG-000138393 - Pop-ups do not honor the existing layer attribute filters when displaying feature information.
    • Status: In Product Plan

Hopefully this means we'll have a resolution of this issue in the not-too-distant future. 

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Still having this issue, and it is the only thing that is keeping my application from being published.  Is there a specific date when this will be corrected?

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Unfortunately we don't have any more details from Esri. The bug status is still apparently "In Product Plan", but we don't know when they plan to fix it. Please feel free to reach out to them and express how important this is to you: hopefully the more pressure there is from customers the faster we'll see a solution. 

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Hi all, 

This issue was gone for a while right after the beta version released, however, it came back! I'm having the same issue. Selector or list filtrations are not reflecting to pop ups. Is there any bug number that we can vote for? 

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