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Is there a way to display a sum total in a serial chart?

10-25-2019 07:24 PM
New Contributor III

I have a dashboard that uses several serial charts. Each chart shows several categories, and each category displays an acreage associated with it. I want to display the sum total of all categories in a chart directly in the chart, and I don't see a way of doing that in the Operations Dashboard. Here's a visual that illustrates what I'm trying to achieve:

Above, you can see that there are 16 categories with an associated acreage. It's good to see how much acreage each category has, but if you want to see what the grand total acreage is, you have to pull out a calculator. Pretty tedious and error-prone. Below is a mock-up of what I'd like to see:

See the total acreage listed? That's what I'd like to achieve in all of my Operations Dashboard serial charts. This seems like an obvious thing to have, but I don't see any way of doing this. Any ideas?

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