Is it possible to visualize data in a gauge without the selection tool in a dashboard?

10-21-2020 04:18 AM
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I am trying to visualize a layer with multiple attributes in multiple gauges. Doing so, I would like to get the gauges to work with only one selected item (here one polygon). Having the map at its maximum extend, the selection tool always selects multiple polygons at the same time unless completely zoomed in. 

So the question is: 

How can I get the gauges to work on single polygons? In the best case even without the selection tool, only by clicking in the map or referencing even to the popup?

If it is not possible without the selection tool, can I modify the JSON of the dashboard in ArcGIS Online Assistant in order to limit the selection to only one element and / or show only the point selection tool?

Thanks for any advise on this topic.

If there are any workarounds by using Experience or WebApp please let me know.

Cheers, Julia

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Hi Julia,

Could you add a category selector linked to the gauges instead of in-map selections?

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