Interact With the Map Through A Widget

05-02-2017 12:26 PM
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I have an Operations Dashboard with several widgets. The map has the points symbolized by one attribute and the widgets provide a summary of those attributes, as well as graphs and charts of other attributes in that same layer.

I would like to be able to click on a bar in the bar chart widget and have the corresponding points on the map be highlighted or selected. How can I make that happen?

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Hi April,

You can configure this under the 'Feature Actions' tab for the widget.  Ex:

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I think I've done that, but I still don't see anything happening in the map. Do I have to be zoomed to a specific level or anything?

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What about interacting with related tables? My sign inventory is set up such that the only geometry is a point for the support. Maintenance records are tracked in a related table that is tied by a support ID number. I have a Details list in my Operations Dashboard that shows maintenance completed yesterday. Is there a way to click on that detail and zoom to the corresponding location? I see that the search functionality in the map does not work in Operations Dashboard, so I'm wondering how the user would associate a maintenance record with it's location?

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Hi Amy. Are you by chance referring to the new experience in ArcGIS Online using "Dashboard" items?

Dashboards just came out of beta and we encourage you to try them. 

Regarding your question, you could configure a two-step workflow:

1. Make a list, called List A, of records (no geometry)

2. Make another list, called List B, of features (with geometries)

3. Configure actions on List A. From the selection, "Filter" List B (the target). Choose the primary and foreign key fields. Press Done.

4. Configure actions on List B. From the selection, "Zoom" the map (the target). Press Done.

5. Click on a record from List A and see it filter List B to one feature.

6. Click on the feature in List B to zoom to the location on the map.

Note: The Details element doesn't support driving actions at this time. 

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Yes, I am using the new ArcGIS Online dashboard. Your steps above were very helpful -- I now have a way to interact with the map and the maintenance records! Thank you.