Indexed list string extraction to Arcgis Dashboard

10-27-2021 10:44 AM
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Hi, This is an idea I'm thinking about, and I want to test if this by any chance is possible.

I call this a list, since it is what it's called in CityEngine (CE), and it's not equal to the list widget in operation dashboard.

A list could look like: Building;Tree;street and so on. In CE the list is indexed, so if I call index 1, I get Tree, standard functionality in a lot of tools.

I have a large Survey123 with a lot of repeats, which creates related tables.

I'm not able to create widgets on top of related tables, for example in a chart, right?

I can use Survey123 to calculate the values to the feature service. So that is what I'm doing right now.

My issue is that I have 85 sub categories in my repeat, and for every one of them I have different values to put in.

Let's say it's 85 different vegetation species  with different height values, and I want to show in my dashboard how many of the different species I have, and in another chart show the total height of the different species.

That will create 85 columns for the species and then again 85 for height per species. That will become a huge attribute table.

So here is my thought. 

In CE I could use something like:

listCount("city;cityengine;city;", "city")
# result = 2

Or maybe:

# result = "city"

For example the list count will give me the ability to calculate all the repeats of the species into a list, and then use the count to a report and create charts.

So, could this thought maybe be coded in Operation dashboard?


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