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IFRAME dashboard in another webpage WITH login

04-24-2024 10:12 AM
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Has anyone been able to embed a dashboard into another web page app and get it to successfully load without the user having to login to both the parent app and the IFRAME dashboard? 

Scenario:   Custom JSAPI application with an IFRAME for a dashboard. All content is 'private-group shared' and the user logs in on the parent web app with standard esri oauth.   Maps and layers in the parent page will load correctly so we know the auth is correct.  The dashboard is using the same source service layers but the IFRAME generally fails to load at all on initial login. Sometimes I can get it to start the dashboard app but then get a 'you don't have permission' pop-up inside the IFRAME.  After serval full page refreshes without a logout, the dashboard will sometime fully load.... but that's not a valid user experience:  "Hey user login to our app, then refresh your page a few times until everything loads correctly :("

I found this old guide on the RESTJS v2 on how to embed content to use the parent auth with the postMessage() sequences:  However i can't get it to work at all either.  I stripped one of the auth demo examples down and added an IFRAME to a dashboard but still no luck.  More details on that attempt at this github issue:



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