How to Configure Operations Dashboard with a Service?

11-07-2016 09:59 AM
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Hello All,

I'd like to welcome any suggestions about how exactly to configure the widgets to dynamically update using a published map service in 10.3.1. Or, specifically...can a user have Operations Dashboard dynamically update from a service without being tied to using Collector?

At my water district, we are currently running a valve turning program and I've been able to access the map and gauge widgets (static) from queried zipped shapefiles for a particular month.

I'm wondering if there is a walkthrough online for setting this up in a forum (I've searched hi/low) or if someone can offer up suggestions to automate the data refreshing with both widgets pointed at the valve feature class in a replicated geodatabase that we've published a feature service from in our ArcGIS for Server installation?

We are using iWater software to collect the valve-turning data. I would like to have the widgets and map display automatically sync to reflect the most current version of the data. 

We sync the replica database that the feature service is published from every night with our SDE. Our SDE is updated daily with new valve exercising data from the field application, iWater. This should give us the most current/accurate data for valve turning activities.

Here is a screenshot of the project:

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