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03-11-2015 01:43 PM
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The lastest version of AGOL allows you to specify a heat map style to a layer.  I have successfully created an AGOL map that uses that style. Now I want to use the map/layer in operations dashboard.  In operations dashboard the point data is displayed rather than the heat map.  Are heat maps not supported in operations dashboard or have I done something wrong?

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Any update? I just tried to implement heat map into Ops Dashboard this AM also.

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As of now, the heat map styling is not supported in Operations Dashboard.  I know a lot of customers are interested in this functionality, so we are working to resolve those issues.  Once we have an update in place, it will be posted on the Operations Dashboard blog.


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Hi - checking to see if this is possible yet.



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The next evolution of Operations Dashboard, which is completely browser based, will support smart-mapping capabilities such as heat maps. We are targeting our next beta release for ArcGIS Online in next couple weeks. 

You can sign up for the Early Adopter Program to get more details and notifications of releases: Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS 

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The beta has been updated and is now LIVE and available in your ArcGIS orgs!

Author beautiful dashboards in your browser with Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS | ArcGIS Blog 

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