Format for Daily Consumption Data in Operations Dashboard

12-16-2019 12:30 AM
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Hello -

I have an opportunity to obtain a larger sample data set from our Smart Meters with daily consumption data. What would be the best way for the Operations Dashboard tool to consume the data? Should I just have the data provided in individual columns by day or should I have all the data in rows with the Date Time stamp in one column and the consumption data in another column that lets the Operations Dashboard sum on the fly?

I envision in the future that daily consumption data would be added nightly to the Feature Service.

I tried this with a smaller sample data set and for some reason the Operations Dashboard only accepted the Time Stamp format as YYYY/MM/dd. I have attached the format that my small sample data set is in. For some reason the Operations Dashboard does not like this format (see attachment).

Also, any suggestions on how to best utilize this type of data would be really helpful. Thanks for any suggestions you can provide that the Operations Dashboard tool can use best. Have a great day!

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Colleen M. Schelde

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