Filtering by only Null values within a Category Selector

10-26-2021 02:39 PM
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I'm trying to use a category selector within my Operations Dashboard to only filter and display Null values within my dashboard map. I'm playing with the filter within the category selector and setting my specific field to "Is Null" and the action to filter the map, but it doesn't filter out the non Null values. Is there something I may be missing within the category selector settings? Any help is appreciated. 


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Hi DaveK

when you create a category selector you dont need to filter the Null values in your data. Pick up the grouped Values, then select your field from where the null result is coming then configure the only category you want  and the label (you only need the null values).  apologies if my understanding is not correct.





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If I understood the original post correctly I have the same issue and the current reply doesn't solve it...

In short: there should be an optional "Null" category in Category filters based on grouped values to enable users to apply a filter that shows only records where that attribute is Null

As things stand (at least for me in ArcGIS Enterprise 10.9.1) a filter can offer categories for each unique value found in that attribute, but ommits Null as an option and those records can only be seen when no filter is applied (but then are mixed with all other values)...

and the user ends up having to add a separate dashboard component just to be able to reach those specific records, or use Arcade to replace Null for something else, etc... all very cumbersome options

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